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Shoot of the film Dogman in Darkmatters studios

"DogMan", Luc Besson's latest film starring Caleb Landry-Jones in the lead role, was the very first shoot we hosted in our studios. Construction work on our buildings in Tigery was still in progress! Despite this, two studios of 1400 and 2000 m² were used to set up 70% of the film's sets, including the abandoned school and the police station. And for other scenes, we tried to be inventive, with car scenes shot at night in the car park, as well as in one of our offices. 

Luc Besson revealed that one of the main challenges of the film was selecting a pack of dogs and working with them on site. All breeds and sizes, » recalls Jean-Louis Eude, Chairman and co-founder. There was an average of 30 to 35 dogs a day on site, and up to 120 one day with the extra dogs from private owners. » The dogs had their own dedicated rest area, as well as outdoor dog runs. A real organisation!

During filming, there were 25 trainers in charge of two dogs each. As the dogs react to their master's voice, when "action" was shouted, 25 people screamed at the same time! « It was also very impressive to see how Hugues Tissandier, Production Designer, had designed trap doors to allow the dogs to be guided off-camera, » says Romain.

We're very proud to have welcomed Luc Besson for his film, and it was a real pleasure to welcome Caleb Landry-Jones, a humble, friendly and hard-working actor. We thank them for their trust and wish them success!

👉 Check out the trailer for DogMan, which is being released in theatres this week: