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Our filming studios

Your destination for an unrivalled filming experience with a focus on innovation.

Explore new horizons of creativity and production

Located in Essonne, 30 minutes south of Paris, our studios have 6 stages ranging from 980 m² to 3,650 m², equipped to the highest standards and fully modular to suit your needs. The technical features of our facilities ensure optimum working capacity and easy access. Our studios provide the ideal environment for turning your most ambitious visions into reality.

Darkmatters Studios areal view
Table darkmatters studios

Support spaces and services

We assist you with your logistical and environmental challenges with support spaces for each department and full support for each production. Our "à la carte" services allow us to tailor our services to your specific projects and budget.

Darkmatters Workshop
Darkmatters Bureaux de prod 6
Darkmatters cantine
Darkmatters HMC spaces
Darkmatters Loges A 10
Darkmatters Loge M 1
Darkmatters Loge F 1
Darkmatters soundstage 2

Logistic services

We can guide you in finding and coordinating the technical and logistical suppliers you need, and help you identify accommodation for your teams and nearby backlots.

Green production

We work closely with your teams to ensure that your production is environmentally friendly and that you comply with the new carbon footprint reporting requirements imposed by the CNC.

Virtual Production

Our flexible and mobile design solutions allow us to adapt the size and shape of the LED screen to the needs of your production, as well as installing it on the desired stage. We can also deploy it ephemerally on any shoot within another studio.
Darkmatters soundstage 7
Darkmatters soundstage 1
Darkmatters soundstage 2

France's advantageous Tax Rebate

Find out about the film production grants available for your shoots in France.