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Deployment of services & solutions

Equip your studios with Virtual Production technology that combines innovation
and understanding of film production realities.

Give your studios and customers the best.

Push back the boundaries of creativity and completely reinvent your clients' film sets, using virtual environments displayed on LED screens. With a proprietary technology, extensive international experience in Virtual Production installations and operations, we are able to deploy our technologies and services beyond our own studios. Supported by our experts, join the era of unlimited visual creation today.


Short-term installations 

Our LED screen solutions are designed to be flexible and mobile, allowing us to deploy them ephemerally on any shoot, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of your productions.


Permanent installations 

We can design, produce and install LED systems for studios wishing to move into Virtual Production. We provide on-site training, regular software and hardware updates, and remote support.

Cutting-edge technology

When you choose to work with us, you gain access to the latest technological innovations and Virtual Production techniques. With experience both as a technology manufacturer and as a film studio operator, we are ideally placed to offer a service that is both innovative and relevant to the world of film and TV production.

Tile module

Deliver optimal visuals with our proprietary line of sleek module tiles, featuring high contrast black panels without reflections for optimised 16 bit colour depth and 7840Hz refresh speed. We cram all this high-tech display power into lightweight aluminum tiles which allow easy hot swapping when you need repairs.

Darkmatters LED hardware
Darkmatters LED screen

Stacking system

Meet the future of modular displays with our new 2.5m x 2m rapid stacking systems. These mobile substructures redefine versatile, delivering swift setup and fluid reconfiguration capabilities for spaces that must dynamically transform, allied with an integrated curve function to bend stages from flat up to 5 degrees off-axis.


Control your LED walls with Darkmatters' modular operating platform. Each of our rendering server farms can control up to 6 substructures, extending up to 5 x 6 m per unit. Expand your installations by combining multiple farms as required, then control everything simultaneously from one easy-to-use main control screen and a single brainbar to operate the entire wall, regardless of the number of servers in place. 
Darkmatters flycases
Darkmatters colour alignment


Our intelligent editor tightly integrates game engines such as Unreal or Unity, to render full-resolution photorealistic content in real time, synchronise 3D content, environments, camera feeds and more, for a unified mixed reality experience. Flexible control modules allow independent configuration of LED projections, stage lighting and live sets for optimised shooting freedom.

Updates and after-sale services

The complete solution is kept up to date in terms of both software and hardware throughout the maintenance period. Furthermore, a hotline is available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week (Paris time), with remote control.

The benefits of Virtual Production

Discover how LED virtual sets can help achieve new levels of creativity, control shooting environments and save time and money. 
Darkmatters soundstage 1
Darkmatters soundstage 2
Darkmatters soundstage 7