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Hand-picked professionals at the top of their fields

At Darkmatters, our international team is unparalleled in Virtual Production expertise. Our managers have decades of combined experience in technology and in the production of successful films, series, commercials and TV shows, at every stage of production. From virtual artisans who have built some of the most stunning digital worlds in cinematic history, to facilities engineers integrating complex LED stages and software development powering new forms of content creation - our staff offers uniquely cross-functional perspectives into pushing boundaries.

Jean-Louis Eude -blue

Jean-Louis Eude
Chairman and Co-founder

With over 30 years of experience, including 16 years abroad, with several leading international companies, Jean-Louis is highly experienced in supporting businesses in rapid changing environment, and was entrusted with finance and business development assignments for Apple, Nokia and Microsoft. In 2021, he co-founds Darkmatters adventure, bringing his financial experience, as well as his commercially savvy, strategic and highly entrepreneurial mindset to support the company's growth.

Yaniss Boulanouar-2

Yaniss Boulanouar
CEO and Co-founder

Yaniss has been involved in video technology and special effects in the events, television, and cinema sectors for over 25 years. He worked on a number of prestigious projects, including the 2005 Universal Exhibition - French Pavilion in Japan, events at the Stade de France and the Olympia, television programmes and immersive exhibitions, including one at Monaco's Oceanographic Museum. In 2021, he co-founds Darkmatters, bringing his technical skills acquired in LED wall design and large-scale interactive installations in real time.

Julien Juan

Julien Juan
VP Hardware Innovation

Julien started his career in the Mobile Phone Division of Alcatel as Hardware Engineer, before moving to ST Microelectronics, initially as Hardware Support Engineer and then for 8 years in the Secure Element Division, working mainly for Gemalto. He joins Ledger in September 2015 as Director of Hardware Engineering, is nominated VP Hardware two years later and then COO in August 2018. In 2021, he joins the Darkmatters adventure bringing his hardware innovation experience.

Franz Hildgen -blue

Franz Hildgen
VP Software Innovation

Franz is a seasoned software developer specialising in VR, interactive immersive installations, and digital interfaces. After graduating in Engineering Physics from the Polytechnic School of Montreal in 1995, he quickly gravitates towards the R&D field, becoming Research Director at the Société des Arts Technologiques de Montréal. He then embarks on a freelance career, using his skills to design interactive digital installations for institutions and companies around the world, from megacities like Shanghai and Paris to more exotic destinations like Rio de Janeiro and the 2005 World Expo in Nagoya. In 2021, he joins Darkmatters to contribute to the pursuit of their ambitious projects, bringing his expertise in software innovation.

Etienne Desbois -blue

Etienne Desbois
Lead Software Engineer

Etienne graduated in 2018 with a master's degree in computer science from the prestigious École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Straight out of university, he works freelance for Lux Machina, as well as on the immersive exhibition at Monaco's Oceanographic Museum. In 2021 he joins Darkmatters as a software engineer, where he develops and deploys an automated colour alignment process for our LED systems. His innovation enabled smarter, faster colour calibration in just minutes compared to hours previously. After a year with Darkmatters, Etienne is promoted to Lead Software Engineer in recognition of his talents. He now leads the creation of process improvements and supports the virtual production operations of shoots in our studios.

Aurore Bordes -blue

Aurore Bordes
Junior Developer

A graduate with a Master's degree in Arts and Technologies of the Virtual Image, Aurore  brings a diverse technical skillset spanning multiple software platforms and programming languages. She joins Darkmatters in October 2022 as a Software and Pipeline Developer apprentice. At the end of her successful apprenticeship, she is recruited as a Junior Developer. Her background in computer graphics and visual effects enables her to bridge the gap between the artistic and technical sides of production, and to drive pipeline improvements and enhancements for greater collaboration between departments.  

Morgane Vevert -blue

Morgane Vevert
Unreal Technical Artist

Backed by her studies in Game Art, Morgane brings solid expertise in Unreal Engine as well as a diverse set of technical skills covering Python and Blueprints programming, 3D modelling and texturing. Before joining Darkmatters in 2022 as a technical artist, she worked at Mathematic and freelance for NinJa Company. At Dark Matters, Morgane develops tools to help artists create scenes and render 3D for films, series and commercials, improving production workflows within creative teams. Her background in computer graphics means that she also works on the design of 3D content, bridging the gap between the artistic and technical aspects. Morgane is a talented technician who brings solutions and innovation to Darkmatters.

Alix Merlier -blue

Alix Merlier
Business Developer

Alix started out as a lawyer specialised in IP and structured financing for feature film co-productions. Her clients' passion was contagious... so she took the plunge into image post-production for international commercials, then moving on to business affairs in TV drama production. She went back to legal/business affairs in an advertising agency, before finally taking the leap into freelance TV Prod/post-prod/production consultancy, still in advertising. In April 2023, she joins Darkmatters as Business Developer for a new challenge and excited to work on the production of the future.

Alexandra Eude

Alexandra Eude
Marketing Director

Seasoned and versatile, Alexandra is a Marketing Director with over 25 years of international experience across diverse industries, including SaaS/Software, Media Publishing, Education, and technology. Skilled at quickly understanding new markets, Alexandra has led global marketing strategies focused on customer needs at both large enterprises like Lafarge, Sodexo and Michelin. Thriving in fast-paced environments requiring sharp critical thinking, agility and tenacity, Alexandra joins Darkmatters in February 2023, ready to leverage her passion for marketing to deliver business growth. 

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