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About us

We're pushing back the boundaries of the impossible to make tomorrow's shoots even more creative, more productive and more sustainable.

Our vision

Our vision is to make tomorrow's film-making even more creative, more productive and more sustainable. At the heart of our mission is to ensure that new production technologies are accessible to everyone.
We support productions with high-quality filmmaking installations and Virtual Production on the stage of their choice in our studios, or on any shoot in a studio other than ours. Darkmatters also equips other studios with cutting-edge L.E.D. screen technology.
Embark with us as we redefine the future of filmmaking, where creativity knows no bounds, and every vision finds its place on screen.

Our values

At Dark Matters, we believe that people are at the heart of innovation. We strive to foster a supportive, intellectually stimulating culture where our talented team can thrive personally and professionally. By facilitating open communication, collaboration, and employee growth we empower our people to think freely, spark creative insights, and drive innovation systematically.
Our shared ambition is reliant on unified respect across all levels of the company.
Our people are our greatest asset and building an environment where they can excel in meaningful work is our foremost priority.

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Our story

Founded in 2021, and after a year of developing our studios in Tigery, Darkmatters was commercially launched at the end of 2022 with the aim of evolving the traditional production space.
Positioned as an innovative production complex specialising in real-time Virtual Production, Darkmatters has grown in just over two short years to become a formidable force equipped for the future of immersive content creation.
Today, we support cutting-edge audiovisual creation by covering the needs of films, series, commercials, music videos and broadcasting.  

Our commitments

At Darkmatters, we recognise the environmental impact of film production and are strongly committed to implementing more sustainable practices. As a member of Ecoprod, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and waste production by using renewable energy sources on set, ensuring proper recycling procedures for all materials.
By working with sustainability-focused suppliers and supply chains, limiting emissions from team and talent travel, and investing in carbon offsets for any remaining unavoidable emissions, we have the opportunity to shape responsible production strategies - making considered choices and being at the forefront of sustainability innovation in the industry.
Our commitment is not just an environmental one, but also a social responsibility to future generations of casts, film crews, viewers and society as a whole.

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Our recognitions

We are proud to be one of 11 studios to receive funding and support from La Grande Fabrique de l'Image, as part of the France 2030 plan. This is recognition of our commitment to sustainable innovation in the film industry.
The funding and resources provided by this initiative will enable us to expand our green production and innovation capabilities on a larger scale, serving as a model for environmental best practice and maintaining high quality creative and employment standards.  
This recognition validates our efforts to show that creating intelligent, environmentally-friendly content is the future.