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Redefining possible in filmmaking.

We push back the boundaries of the impossible in the art of filming to bring your vision to life. 

An innovative filmmaking offering designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

At Darkmatters, we are challenging the limits of what's possible to enhance the creativity, productivity, and sustainability of future productions. Our innovative filmmaking services aim to meet the most rigorous demands and democratise new production technologies. Embark with us as we redefine the future of filmmaking, where creativity knows no bounds and every vision finds its place on screen. 

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Your destination for an unrivalled, innovative filming experience.

Darkmatters Studios

Darkmatters Studios offer an unparalleled filming experience at our 15,000m² complex south of Paris. Our 6 stages ranging from 980m² to 3,650m² provide flexible shooting options and optimal working conditions. It’s your destination for an unrivalled, innovative filming experience. 

Give your production the ideal conditions it needs today. 

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Transform your filming experience with Virtual Production.

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Darkmatters allows you to revolutionise your filming journey through Virtual Production. Explore boundless creativity and command your filming environment using virtual sets on LED screens and real-time camera tracking. Supported by our experts, transform your filming experience with Virtual Production.

Take the leap and turn your boldest visions into reality.

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Equip your studios with LED screen technology.

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Darkmatters equips other studios with cutting-edge LED screen technology. For over 15 years, our dedicated team has honed our proprietary VP Technology, paving the way for a new era in filmmaking. From design and manufacture, to installation and training, we support you in re-inventing your clients' shoots.

Join the era of limitless visual creation today.

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