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Tax rebate

Film production funding support when you shoot in France.

Up to 40% tax rebate

France offers an attractive Tax Rebate on International Production (TRIP) with up to 40% rebate on all eligible expenses. The scheme applies under the following conditions:

  • The TRIP is selectively granted by the CNC – French National Center for Cinema, TV and the moving image – for projects that are made in France.
  • The TRIP amounts up to 30% (or 40%, if the French VFX expenses represent more than €2M) of the qualifying expenditures incurred in France, and can total a maximum of €30 million per project.
  • To be eligible projects must include elements related to the French or European culture, heritage, and territory, accordingly to a cultural test specific to each genre (live action or animation).
  • The tax rebate can be granted to projects that incur €250,000 or 50% of their world budgets in French expenditures and, for a live action work, have at least 5 days of shooting in France. It can total a maximum of €30 million by project.

Support from Paris Region

Paris Region offers support for all phases of the production of a work, which can be combined with national and international support (TRIP) from the CNC. Choosing to produce in Paris Region ensures an attractive financing for your project.