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Virtual production

Reach new levels of creativity, take control of your shooting environment environment,
save time and reduce your carbon footprint.

Revolutionise the way you shoot.

The flexibility offered by Virtual Production will open the door to real-time adaptation in order to perfectly meet your creative requirements and maximise your shooting time. With the support of our experts, take the next step and turn your boldest visions into reality. 

What is Virtual Production?

An innovative approach that combines real physical sets with virtual sets using advanced technologies and LED screens.

Darkmatters virtual production

Virtual Production begins with the creation of a virtual environment, which can be made up of dynamic 2D or 3D images, a 360° video projection, or a multitude of assembled photo images. This environment can represent sets, landscapes or even entirely digital fantasy worlds.

The LED screens used in Virtual Production are made up of several LED panels assembled on a metal frame and connected to each other to form a large screen. They can be configured according to the needs of the shoot and can also be installed on the ceiling or floor for an even more immersive environment.

A tracking system constantly monitors the position of the camera on set, synchronising the images displayed on the LED screen with the camera movements in real time. Some of the visual effects are thus integrated directly at the time of shooting rather than in post-production.

The benefits of Virtual Production

The use of LED screens and camera tracking gives a more realistic result and makes acting easier than with traditional green backgrounds because the environment is directly visible during filming.

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Reduced production costs

Filming in Virtual Production minimises expenditure on set building, travel, logistics and on-site crews, which can lead to significant savings.

Reduced carbon footprint

With less travel and the use of virtual sets, Virtual Production shoots help to reduce the film industry's carbon footprint. This encourages a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to filmmaking.

Creative flexibility

Thanks to Virtual Production, film-makers have greater freedom to create imaginary worlds, fantastic environments or shoot scenes that would be difficult or impossible to achieve in the real world.

Time saving

By eliminating the need to build physical sets or travel to shooting locations, Virtual Production allows valuable time to be saved. Scene changes and adjustments can be made quickly and easily, speeding up the production process.

Control of your shooting environment

Because sets are entirely virtual, they can be manipulated digitally, giving you total control over the look and feel of the shooting environment, from geographical features to lighting and weather conditions. You can shoot your scene as often as you like without worrying about the clock ticking or the weather changing.

When should you consider using it?

Virtual Production is particularly useful for creating sets, environments and worlds that are impossible or too expensive to recreate on traditional sets or on location. Here are the major use cases:

  • Science-fiction and fantasy

    Scenes set in fantasy, futuristic or science-fiction worlds.

  • Landmarks et complex authorisations

    Scenes requiring complex filming authorisations or the closure of a busy location (major city, historic site, landmarks).

  • Difficult to access locations

    Scenes in natural locations that are difficult to access (mountain peaks, marine backdrops, etc.). 

  • Discoveries and horizons

    Scenes where control of lighting and weather conditions is essential, allowing the same scene to be shot several times without time constraints.

  • Vehicle processing    

    To minimise the logistical challenges, such as having to block off streets, and reducing the costs associated with shooting scenes in vehicles.

  • Epic battles/Large-scale scenes

    Scenes of large-scale battles and crowd scenes requiring a large number of extras.

  • Dangerous shoots

    Sequences involving dangerous or destructive elements (explosions, close-ups, stunts, disasters), without exposing your crew and actors to actual risks.

  • Places from the past

    Scenes recreating historic or no-longer-existing settings.

  • Impossible scheduling

    Shooting a series of scenes in different, geographically distant locations over a short period of time.

  • Product/brand staging

    To showcase products and celebrities in grandiose settings, with total control over aesthetics, colours and materials to perfectly convey the brand's identity.

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Did you know?

Our LED screen systems are designed to be flexible and mobile, enabling us to deploy them on an ephemeral basis on any shoot in a studio other than our own.