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Handicap International’s 2023 campaign

Handicap International launched a new public-facing institutional campaign that shines a light on its long-term action in the field. Shot at Darkmatters Studios, it was the first time Handicap International used Virtual Production technology in a campaign.

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HI tournage 2023-06-13 à 15.10.52-1
HI tournage 2023-06-13 à 15.10.58-1
HI tournage 2023-06-13 à 15.10.453
HI tournage 2023-06-13 à 15.10.525
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HI tournage 2023-06-13 à 15.11.00

This new campaign, called After the news, was designed to get people thinking, highlighting the contrast between the overexposure of a crisis for a given period and the often-forgotten long-term response that follows. With three locations to film – from the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to the Rwandan genocide, and from the tsunami in Southeast Asia to the earthquake in Haiti and the war in Syria – Olivier Staub, Film Director, along with the DUST team were chosen to produce and shoot the film, using the latest ground-breaking production technologies.

Victor Simonet, producer at Dust said he naturally opted for virtual production with LED walls, in order to create the three locations in 3D without having to travel; hence reducing the film production costs and carbon footprint. He also explained that the use of LED allowed to « borrow the direct light produced by the screen to naturally integrate the actors and actual sets, without having to do everything in post-production.”

We’re always excited to see the films shot in our studios finally being released. But when it’s a film with a real purpose like this one, we’re even prouder to have been able to make our small contribution to building a more humane and inclusive world. We are truly appreciative of Olivier Staub and Dust’s trust and really enjoyed the experience of this wonderful shoot.

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