An international team of experts.

Dark Matters is made up of an international team of experts with unique track records across numerous blockbuster productions and some of the most innovative virtual sets in recent years. The company is led by Industry Veterans and some of the most experienced professionals in digital and virtual film production. Their cumulated experience covers all areas of the production value chain, including pre-production, virtual creation, stage design and setup, facilities and hardware, software engineering and advisory services.

Our philosophy is to build relationships. People are the key component to everything we do.

Romain Cheminade, Founder & Chairman


Yaniss Boulanouar


Romain Cheminade


Jean-Louis Eude

Head of Physical Production

Hélène Dudragne

Business Developer

Alix Merlier

VP Hardware Innovation

Julien Juan

VP Software Innovation

Franz Hildgen

Marketing & Communications

Alexandra Eude

Motion Capture Supervisor

Valérie De Palma

Motion Capture Operator

Charley Boidin

Production Coordinator

Clémentine Molinié

Software Engineer

Etienne Desbois

Motion Capture Operator

Ludovic Spiteri

Motion Capture Operator

François Guillaume

Visualization Technical Artist

Morgane Vevert

Motion Capture Operator

Séverine Bourdeau

Software & Pipeline Developer

Aurore Bordes

Specialist Engineer

Vincent Carpintero


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