Technology to empower creativity.

At the heart of our work is the deep commitment of providing solutions which empower creativity. Dark Matters’ R&D department is always working on developing the technologies that allow productions to have a reliable system that is creative, flexible and adaptable to your needs.

BESPOke led tiles

Dark Matters has manufactured a specialised LED wall for Virtual Production with an optimised image efficiency and a very high refresh rate, allowing to display more images in one second and avoiding the effects of moiré and aliasing. With a proprietary electronic layout and a wider range of colors, we have developed deep blacks and a colorimetric calibration system based on the camera in use. 

In 2023 we are researching methods to lower energy consumption by 40-60 % vs. our current consumption. We are also working on adding a mobile structure to our LED wall, enabling us to modify the complete geometry of the wall in a record time and to respond quickly to the changing demands of productions.


Our teams at Dark Matters have been using Virtual Cameras for over 20 years. While not much has changed in how they function – the interpretation of the physical camera in the virtual world has vastly improved.
We work on the fly to meet the needs of your creative vision – incorporating custom add-ons like integrated buttons and sliders.
We focus on accurate camera specification – the right sense of size, the right lenses, the right distortion – and carefully calibrate your virtual camera to perform the same as your physical camera.
No virtual camera can do everything, but we know how to customise and upgrade, modifying the controller device to be more comfortable, always ensuring the best possible integration between the physical set and the virtual set.


Emerging tools enable creatives to work faster and smarter than ever before. High quality asset libraries and groundbreaking features in UE 5 support creative teams in building production-ready content from the debut.
This means we start miles ahead of traditional previs – and can begin the process of optimisation and refinement earlier in production. Our unified end-to-end creative pipeline using Realtime Technology ensures more time to customize assets and adapt to creative requests.
From Previs to ICVFX, from Mocap to Post Vis, creative and technical teams work seamlessly together in one creative workspace. This enables effortless collaboration, cross-departmental revision and collaboration. and a reliable, high-quality delivery – every time.



Our goal is to make the LED wall invisible. Nothing should stand between your camera and accurate, real world colours. Our automated colour alignment process is designed to work smarter – and faster – so you can spend less time worrying about the details, and more time focused on your creative choices.
We provide the cleanest, most natural colour possible in LED. The system films a series of several hundred unique colour plates, then reads this data, calculating the difference between what is captured in camera and the original image. We then invert the LUT – eliminating completely any influence from the LED. At Dark Matters – you start with clean, precise colour. We provide the blank canvas for your creativity to flourish.  

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