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Dark Matters is an innovative film studio complex specialising in Virtual Production and real-time production tools, offering productions a complete service for film-making, commercials, broadcast TV and gaming. 

With 15,000 m2 of studio space, 6 sets including one of Europe’s largest motion capture studios, LED walls, creative services and an R&D team, Dark Matters is uniquely positioned in France to offer the latest technological innovations and sustainable production techniques within state-of-the-art facilities. 


Welcome to the campus

Dark Matters’ film studio complex in Tigery (just outside Paris, France) offers a new, high-quality and flexible filming space with complete services. Six customizable stages (including LED walls) are spread over 15,000 m² (160,000 sqft) of indoor facilities.

Creative Services

Transforming storytelling and creative processes

Previs, Techvis, Postvis – our team of experts support you with the latest virtual production creative technology, allowing you to quickly create visually rich, inspiring and engaging content, and seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds.



Get closer to perfection

Our LED virtual sets allow performers to inhabit new worlds. Our work methodology reduces compromises and time spent in post-production. We have developed a number of technologies in-house, including better low-light LED performance, 12-bit colour pipeline, including sub-pixel tracking quality. Our systems are compatible with any combination of camera body and lenses.


Make your vision come alive

Our motion capture studio, the largest in France, is designed as a complete, high-end performance capture solution. We are fully capable of creating world-class film visual effects, videogame gameplay and cinematics, high concept ads and clips, animated series and 3D animated film.

Why choose Dark Matters ?

Advances in 3D content creation, real-time render engines, camera tracking and LED screen technology, now provides a creative toolset that brands and productions can use to quickly create visually rich, inspiring and engaging content and mind-blowing experiences; allowing you to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds in one shoot.

With Dark Matters’ unique spaces, virtual production advanced technology and expert team, you have access to:

Ultimate creativity, where anything is possible

Total control of cost and scheduling

High quality facilities and latest technologies

In-house bespoke expert support

Less carbon footprint

Attractive financing and tax rebate

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