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Transforming storytelling and creative processes.

From visualising a scene or the full storyboard in 3D animation before creating it in Previs, to planning complex shots, camera placements, shot locations, and necessary green screen measurements for CGI shots through Techvis, and merging live-action scenes are with temporary visual effects to serve as placeholders for the final cut in Postvis, our team of experts support you along the way with the latest virtual production creative technology.


Explore your vision

During our previsualization phase, we help you build sequences and fine-tune them to match the director`s vision perfectly before you shoot. Here everything is possible and can be explored.
You can visualize complicated action sequences, dangerous stunts, VFX packed moments, elaborated camera work or choreography all in 3D – Previs can be used on any sequence.

Dark Matters Prévisualisation


Make the impossible, possible

Giving you peace of mind that the artistic vision can become a reality. We work closely with all the departments of the film production to provide complete technical visualization and solutions.
Technical diagrams and videos, visualization of the film gear that will be used, green screen or LED wall placement, scene and studio layout. All technical possibilities are tested to make impossible visions real.



Foresee your final idea

Postvis enables creative teams to quickly envision the first pass of their VFX shots. The visualization team turns into a small VFX unit. Keying, matchmoving, tracking and compositing your plates help to integrate better the previs assets.
This powerful tool facilitates directorial teams to get a clearer idea of what their project will look like. Postvis also allows production teams to better plan and budget their post-production.

Dark Matters Postvisualisation
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